Upward trajectory

So I was disappointed with the European Championships. I felt out of shape, but in reality I had dealt with my injury quite well. A week after EOC I clocked 8.32 over 3km. OK, that’s no where near as bas as I thought, I can work with that. I had two months to get some good feeling back before my next big race, World Universities, and then another month before the big one, the World Championships.

My approach to this was to go back to the training that had worked for me over winter. Lots of steady running, a track session on a Tuesday and one or two other hard sessions or orienteering per week. I also tried to do some back to back sessions to make sure I was ready for the demands of championship weeks, where races come thick and fast.

It was some of these back to back sessions that gave me my best feedback. I won the both the British Sprint and Middle distance championships on the same weekend. Then I ran a 24.27 5 mile race, the day after an 800m reps session in the track. The form was starting to take shape and the confidence was starting to build.

On my way to a 5 mile PB
On my way to a 5 mile PB
British Middle Distance Champion

About a month out from the World Universities Championships Me, Graham and Fanni put on an open sprint orienteering training camp in the Stirling area – Sprint Scotland. The idea was to host two days of quality training, some talks and some racing; with the hope of attracting a wide variety of people keen to share ideas about sprint orienteering. It seemed to be a success and on the whole we had some really good feedback. Watch this space as it will certainly happen again.

For me, one of the big benefits was spending a whole weekend thinking about how to sprint orienteer. I enjoy coaching as I think it forces you to think about technique in a clear and simple manner and I think weekends such as this one are a great place to share ideas. I was finally in a place where I was running fast and orienteering well.

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