One Silver, One Gold

This year the British Sprint and Middle distance championships had moved from their normal time of year (around the beginning of May) to the beginning of September. These championships have always been a favourite weekend of mine and had been in my diary since becoming British Champion in the Sprint distance in the 2013 edition. My main goal for the weekend was to defend this title but I also had ambitions in the middle distance race as I won a silver medal for two years running. Maybe this could be my year.
The sprint went well, well my run did at least, and whilst I couldn’t repeat my victory from last year, I managed to win a silver medal behind WOC team mate Murray Strain. We traded the lead for much of the race and in the end a small mistake by me near the end was enough to give Murray the victory.
Whilst the sprint had many of the big players of the UK sprint scene, the middle distance start list was a bit more sparse. Time of year might have had something to do with it, with most people wanting to crack on into winter training by this point but it for me it was a great opportunity. You can only race those who put themselves on the start line.I had another good race but the undergrowth in the race area made small mistakes and hesitations impossible to avoid at times. This, combined with the fact that I ran the entire race alone, without the good feedback of catching a rival, meant that I had no idea how I was doing until I entered the arena. I knew it was a good run on the whole with a only few small time losses but I did not expect to take the victory with three minutes. And as such, I managed to win my first British middle distance championships. Very happy with that.

Maps from the weekend have been uploaded to my map archive.

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