Orienteering Race Report

JK 2018

The annual Jan Kjellstrom (JK) Orienteering Festival, the largest orienteering races in the UK, took place last weekend. These races form part of the selections for the GB team and are the first opportunity for people to show their form after a long winter build. My orienteering ambitions are quite narrow, and have been for several years. I want to perform well in the sprint distance and in the relays (both the forest relays and the mixed sprint relay). These are the races I perform best at, I most enjoy (probably a link there), I can combine with racing on the road, XC, hills etc, and I believe I can achieve my goals without moving to Scandinavia (not the case for the middle or long distance). Thus, my approach to the JK was simple: try to win the sprint and then use the forest races as high pressured training.

JK Sprint

With this in mind, my JK was a success. I won the sprint and, although there was certainly a lot to improve on, there was a lot to be positive about with my forest performances. I’ve written about each race on my training log so I won’t repeat race reports here. Next on the agenda is the European Championships in Ticino Switzerland at the start of May. Before the JK, I was already selected for the Sprint, Sprint Relay (pool) and Relay (pool), and my performances at the JK shouldn’t have hurt my chances of getting from the relay pools into the teams for the championships. In preparation I will race at the 12 Stage road relays and Tiomila during April and I’m excited to get back competing on the international stage.

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