Downtime and into the new season

The World Orienteering Championships didn’t go to plan for me but getting injured before a big competition is nothing new. I hope that I have learnt something from this experience, but in the immediate aftermath I needed some time off. I worked really hard to get to the start line in one piece but the most difficult part was managing my thoughts in the run up to the race. I went from being full of confidence to doubting whether I could even race and this was quite draining mentally.

In the weeks after I gave myself the break I felt I needed. I had five weeks without structured training, running whenever I felt like it and eating whatever I felt like. This was awesome – especially the last part. However, as the weeks passed I started to get itchy feet. Training is hard, but it gives a structure and routine to life which I actually started to miss. I knew when this happened that it was time to get stuck in again.

I’ve now built back up to a decent weekly mileage (85, 85, 87 for the last three weeks) and I’ve started to feel like some shape might be returning. My plan for the winter is to race XC and road races but keep the training at a consistent level as much as possible as I think this is the most important part of training for me.

This weekend, I will race at the Glencoe Ring of Steall Skyrace (29km, 2500m climb). This will be outside my current comfort zone but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I will follow this up with the Inverness 10km and the Glasgow Half Marathon which, in all honesty, excite me more than the rough and tough mountain race of this weekend. I truly am becoming a wimp.

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